Computational Textiles

April 14, 2010 at 10:21 am (Digital Lit)

This is super cool-if I could afford the hardware, I would certainly be buying this to tinker around with:

If you’re not a knitter the point may be a little obscure, but just trust me, it’s cool. And be sure to watch the youtube video of how it works:!v=iFOvtzAwGrw

This is the awesome blog of this project’s extremely smart creator:

Go and be awed!


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  1. Ashley Moore said,

    This is awesome, Katie. The reason I don’t often attempt complex patterns is that I’m horrible at keeping track of it all, and often end up frogging three or four times just because I forgot where I was! What a wonderful integration of technology & good old-fashioned knitting. Thanks for sharing!

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